About Us

Natalia and Valentina.  

Two best friends merged their dream to create a brand with the power to highlight the goddess that every woman has within her. From everyday jewelry to unique designs produced by Colombian hands. To transform jewelry into something more than simple ornaments.  

In Greek mythology, Clea translates as “the glorious one.” Following that inspiration, Clea’s name captures elegance and empowerment. “Clea” is a reminder of every woman’s potential to shine her light, on her journey of self-discovery and self expression.  

We are timeless and elegant jewelry that empowers women to celebrate their authenticity, providing a unique way to manifest their essence and connect with their true selves. 

Clea’s jewelry is a way for personal expression, to reveal and reaffirm the identity of the wearer. In our jewelry pieces and hair accessories, Clea seeks to give each woman a way to tell her own story, to manifest her essence and to connect with her true self.  

    Each Clea piece is designed to defy trends and handcrafted to last for generations.  From sourcing and sampling to production and shipping, our processes are  purposeful and based on the knowledge that less is almost always more. Less  waste, less greenhouse gas emissions, less irresponsible consumption.

    Each jewel is produced in small batches, avoiding waste and excess product. The  production is done by hand with high quality standards, which is why mass  production is not considered at Clea. 

    Longevity is the best form of sustainability. We combine sculptural forms with  careful construction to create original yet easy-to-wear pieces that you can wear  year after year and pass down to the next generation. 

    We support our community and minimize our carbon footprint by working exclusively with other companies in the city of Medellín, Colombia in all prototypes, production and packaging. 
    We work in collaboration with a local team of jewelers who share our commitment to sustainability and quality. These highly skilled artisans craft each piece by hand, to exacting standards. 

    Committed to reducing waste in all our processes, we strive to ensure that any scrap generated in the development and manufacturing of our parts is returned to our suppliers for reuse.

Valentina Hinestroza

Natalia Álvarez